Daniel Jacob Radcliffe Quiz: English Actor “Harry Potter”

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  • Last Updated: 12 Jan, 2022
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Daniel Jacob Radcliffe Quiz: English Actor “Harry Potter”

Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is one famous actor born in July 1989. Radcliffe debuted on television at age 10 in David Copperfield (1999). He is most famous for portraying Harry Potter in the Harry Potter film series, for which he has received multiple awards. Yet, he managed to remain grounded despite the numerous demands of such a demanding career. Find out how much you know about this fascinating actor. Here are ten questions based on Daniel Jacob Radcliffe's life. Let's answer them.

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Who wrote the famous Harry Potter series?
What role did Daniel Radcliffe play in the Harry Potter series?
What is Daniel Radcliffe's eyes color?
Which of the following is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe's first debut film?
Where was Daniel Radcliffe born?
In which year, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe make his debut in films?
Who are the co-stars of Daniel in "The Tailor of Panama"?
In which of the following movies did Daniel Radcliffe appear before 2006?
When was Daniel Jacob Radcliffe born?
At what age, Daniel Radcliffe was filmed in "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"?