Delusional Test Quiz: Do I Make False Judgements?

By Kristin Borge
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Get into the self, and try this interesting test to see how correct you are in your perceptions of things. Show More

Inquire the mind as it goes through some questions that are meant for revealing any tendencies towards delusion. Delusions refer to beliefs that are not true or mistaken views about reality which affect people’s perception of the world. It therefore offers a way of becoming attentive and thoughtful about patterns one sees where there aren’t any or groundless suspicions of others. 
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Explore the subtleties within thoughts & find out if there exist certain blind spots or any possible cognitive biases which can affect your opinions. After having answered all these questions correctly, it could mean a clean bill of health mentally-wise or places where one may need improvement and reflection too; thus this becomes an important tool in understanding human cognition and behavior as well as being an eye opener for situations when we act differently than we think we do. Therefore start on this expedition toward inner awareness so as to know what is underneath your judgments at last! 

Have you ever had episodes of paranoia?

Have you ever believed that you were someone else, such as a famous historical figure?

Do you frequently question the reality of situations?

Have you ever experienced hallucinations or delusions?

Do you often find yourself jumping to conclusions without evidence?

Have you ever felt like someone is plotting against you?

Do you frequently misinterpret others' intentions negatively?

Have you ever believed that you possess special powers or abilities?

Do you often feel like people are talking about you behind your back?

Do you believe in theories?

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