Den-noh Coil Quiz: Which Den-noh Coil Character Are You?

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Den-noh Coil Quiz: Which Den-noh Coil Character Are You?

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A captivating anime series, Den-noh Coil, deals with technological and childhood issues in the future world where augmented reality has been seamlessly intertwined into everyday life. In this fantastic story, we have Yuko Okonogi who is an inquisitive and smart girl that is taking us through the virtuality and materiality of Daikoku City revealing secrets and unraveling mysteries along with her new pals.
What Character From Den-noh Coil Are You?
Ever wondered which Den-noh Coil character you're most like? Take this quiz to find out! Answer questions about your personality and see which Den-noh Coil character matches you best.

Let's Start this Quiz
Can you describe your sense of humor?
How do you feel when someone trusts you with a secret?
How do you approach challenges?
What is your favorite type of entertainment?
Imagine you could do something super, what would it be?
Tell us about your favorite role in a group project.
Motivation for what achievement excites you the most?
Which word represents your personality the best?
How do you like to spend your spare time?
What is your favorite type of adventure?
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