Derek Hough Trivia Quiz: Ballroom Dancer

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Derek Hough Trivia Quiz: Ballroom Dancer

Derek Hough Quiz: How well do you know Derek Hough?

Derek Hough is an American professional dancer, choreographer, and actor, known for his work on the television show Dancing with the Stars. He has won a record six seasons of the show as a professional dancer, and has also appeared in several stage productions and movies. Here are 10 quiz questions based on Derek Hough’s life. So, let’s play the quiz!

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Let's Start this Quiz
What is the name of Derek Hough's debut album, which was released in 2019?
How many times has Derek Hough won the mirror ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars?
In which dance reality TV show did Derek Hough serve as a professional dancer and choreographer?
What is the name of the dance tour that Derek Hough has co-headlined with his sister Julianne?
In which musical film did Derek Hough star alongside Julianne Hough, his sister?
Which famous singer did Derek Hough dance with in the music video for "The Time (Dirty Bit)"?
What is the name of the Emmy-nominated dance production that Derek Hough directed and choreographed in 2019?
In which Broadway musical did Derek Hough make his Broadway debut in 2010?
What is the name of the reality TV competition series that Derek Hough created and executive produces?
What is the name of the 2017 dance film in which Derek Hough plays a lead role as a dancer and choreographer?

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