Which Destined With You Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Destined With You Character Are You? - Quiz

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Destined With You is South Korean television series about an irresistible romance between a 9th-level civil servant and an ace lawyer.Show More

The story revolves around a forbidden book that was thoroughly sealed 300 years ago, landing in the hands of the civil servant after obtaining it with the lawyer becoming the victim of the forbidden book due to the curse caused by the book.

In this fantasy realm, the lives of Jang Shin-yu, Lee Hong-jo, Yoon Na-yeon, and Kwon Jae-kyung intertwine in magical ways. Discover which character's traits mirror your own as you answer the following questions. Are you more like the adventurous Shin-yu, the enigmatic Hong-jo, the spirited Na-yeon, or the determined Jae-kyung? Let the quiz unveil your destined character!

What's your response to challenges in your path?
What is your ideal magical ability?
What's your response to adversity?
What is your response to an injustice?
How do you express your emotions?
What's your attitude towards destiny and fate?
How do you approach forming connections with others?
How do you react to the unknown?
How do you view the concept of balance?
What is your preferred method of relaxation?
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