Diggy Simmons Trivia Quiz: An American rapper, singer, and Actor

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Diggy Simmons is an American rapper, singer, and actor born on March 21, 1995. He is the son of rapper and entrepreneur Rev. Run of the group Run-DMC. In 2009, he began posting his music online, which eventually led to him being signed to Atlantic Records in 2010. He has released several mixtapes and his debut album, "Unexpected Arrival," in 2012.

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Which of these is not a Diggy Simmons mixtape?

  • "The First Flight"

  • "Airborne"

  • "Past, Present(s), Future"

  • "Dreams and Nightmares"

What was Diggy Simmons' debut album called?

  • Unexpected Arrival

  • Still Here

  • The Beginning

  • New Generation

What is Diggy Simmons' birth name?

  • Daniel Dwayne Simmons III

  • David Darius Simmons II

  • Dylan Daniel Simmons III

  • Devin Dallas Simmons II

Who is Diggy Simmons' sister?

  • Angela Simmons

  • Vanessa Simmons

  • JoJo Simmons

  • None of the above

Who is Diggy Simmons' father?

  • Rev. Al Sharpton

  • Rev. Run

  • Reverend Jesse Jackson

  • None of the above

In what year was Diggy Simmons signed to Atlantic Records?

  • 2009

  • 2010

  • 2011

  • 2012

What is Diggy Simmons known for?

  • Acting

  • Singing

  • Rapping

  • All of the above

What is the name of Diggy Simmons' debut single?

  • "My Girl"

  • "Copy, Paste"

  • "Chillin'"

  • "Do It Like You"

How did Diggy Simmons gain popularity?

  • By posting his music online

  • By appearing on reality TV

  • By performing on Broadway

  • By winning a talent show

What record label is Diggy Simmons signed to?

  • Def Jam Recordings

  • Roc Nation

  • Atlantic Records

  • Interscope Records


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