Which The Diplomat Character Are You? - The Diplomat Quiz

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  • Last Updated: 08 Jan, 2024
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Which The Diplomat Character Are You? - The Diplomat Quiz

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Are you prepared to find out who you are in the world of the political drama “The Diplomat”?Show More

This show unravels a complicated web that interconnects a families’ relationships as they go through the political field of international diplomacy. Answer some questions and we’ll match you up with who you most reflect!

What role does family play in your life and decision-making?
Which of the following adjectives best describes you?
What is your favorite type of music?
How do you deal with betrayal and deception from those close to you?
What is your approach to problem-solving?
What motivates you the most?
How important is social status and reputation to you?
How do you approach a new project?
What is your ideal vacation destination?
What is your favorite food?
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