Divergent Faction Fun Quiz: What Fraction Are You?

By Catherine Wales
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Divergent is a trilogy and also a popular film series. Here factions mean social divisions based on values and aptitudes of citizens.Show More

 The five fractions include: Dauntless, Amity, Erudite and Abnegation. Dauntless means a brave person with high sense of humour. Amity means a kind person with charm. Erudite means an intelligent person. Candor means an honest person and Abnegation means the selfless person.  
Play Divergent Quiz!
Play this Divergent Fraction Quiz and get to know which fraction you are from the divergent. You have to play ten quiz questions that has one option and based on that we will predict who you are.

Your reaction to injustice?

How do you express affection?

Your reaction to a difficult decision?

Your ideal living environment?

How do you handle conflicts within a group?

What's your reaction to rules and authority?

What's your preferred way to relax?

How do you respond to danger?

How do you approach a challenge?

Your approach to learning?

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