Divorce Quiz: Should I Get a Divorce?

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Divorce Quiz: Should I Get a Divorce?

The quiz, “Divorce Quiz: Should I Get a Divorce?” offers people an opportunity to think about the possible future of their marriage. Through questions that delve into issues such as communication, shared interest and vision for the future, it forces one to reflect upon themselves. The divorce quiz is therefore useful because it ranks one’s ability to be a good wife or husband through expressions like “Yes” and “Maybe Not” and even “Give Time To Your Relationship”. It is a guideline for those who are unsure about whether they should part ways with their partners so that they bring into light even the most serious thinking.

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How do you feel about the idea of spending your life with your current spouse?
How would you rate the level of trust in your marriage currently?
How often do you communicate openly and honestly with your spouse about your feelings and concerns?
How do you feel about the emotional connection with your spouse at present?
How would you describe the overall satisfaction in your marriage currently?
Are there unresolved issues in your marriage that have been lingering for an extended period?
Have you and your spouse discussed your long-term goals and aspirations recently?
How committed are you to putting in the effort required to save your marriage?
Have you explored all possible avenues to address the issues in your marriage?
How do you handle conflicts or disagreements in your marriage?
Do you still share common interests or hobbies with your spouse?
Have you and your spouse sought professional help or counseling for your relationship issues?
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