Do I Have Mommy Issues? - Quiz

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Let's Start this Quiz

This “Do I Have Mommy Issues?” quiz is made to guide in understanding your relationship with your mother. This 10-question quiz is aimed at contributing toward a better comprehension of various elements of your interactions, feelings and boundaries towards your mother figure. By examining the responses given, you will gain an insight into some possible “mommy issues” such as attachment styles, emotional dependencies and conflicts.
No matter if it’s about validation, boundary difficulties or anger that you are experiencing, this test was designed to illuminate some invisible aspects of mommy dynamics and provide a space for introspection. As we get started with this journey, let us be open minded because knowing these dynamics can bring personal growth and healthier relationships. Let us then begin by exploring the test to know more about ourselves.

What is your hope for yourself and your mom in the future?

  • I hope for a balanced relationship.

  • I expect things to stay the same.

  • I fear things will worsen.

  • I anticipate cutting off contact entirely.

When you disagree with your mother, how do you typically respond?

  • Calmly put across my perspective and emotions to her

  • Do not fight back or say anything at all

  • Seclude myself entirely

  • I become defensive or argumentative.

How do you see your mother’s effect on the choices you make in life?

  • I treasure her advice but still make my own decisions

  • I feel coerced to listen to her advice.

  • I find it difficult to assert myself.

  • I am being controlled by what she decides.

How do you react to setting limits with your mother?

  • Clear boundaries, enforce them

  • Struggle with setting boundaries

  • Feel uncomfortable setting boundaries with mother

  • Avoid setting boundaries altogether

How do you feel about your mother’s successes in life?

  • Proud/happy when she succeeds

  • Indifferent to her success

  • Envious/hateful of her achievements

  • Resentful of her accomplishments, feel inadequate

What is your reaction when your mom compliments you?

  • I graciously accept them.

  • They make me cringe, as if am not worthy of them.

  • My ears burn with suspicion once she does this

  • It doesn’t excite me much to have her say that

How do you view your mother’s love or affection towards you?

  • I feel loved and appreciated

  • It can be inconsistent, I think

  • I feel neglected or unloved

  • I feel smothered or suffocated

What about when you have a problem with another woman?

  • Address issues immediately

  • Avoid confrontation

  • Emotional/defensive like a courtroom.

  • Intimidated

What is your feeling about staying with your mother?

  • It makes me feel uneasy or nervous

  • I find it enjoyable and I anticipate it.

  • It’s okay but limited interactions are better.

  • If possible, I stay away from her.

How often do you find yourself seeking for validation from your mom?

  • Very few times if any at all

  • Sometimes

  • Often

  • Always


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