Does He Like Me? Take This Quiz And Be 100% Sure

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Does He Like Me? Take This Quiz And Be 100% Sure

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It’s become clear that you are in the dreaded “does he like me” phase. Trust us, we’ve all been there too. Nobody ever likes to put themselves on the line and admit their feelings. And being scared of getting rejected makes it all that much harder. But don’t worry you can get past this stage! All it takes is a few questions to answer honestly. Then at the end your next move will be laid out for you. Share this with your friends who are just as confused as you are.

Let's Start this Quiz
What’s your conversation like when you’re together?
Are you two good friends?
Has he ever had a girlfriend? Or did you get one after you guys became pals?
Where does he look when you talk to him?
Does he call you beautiful, pretty, or anything along those lines?
Does he flirt with you?
Does he stare at you when you’re not looking?
How do you guys communicate?
Did he ever touch you? Like your leg, arm, hand, hair, face, etc.?
Do you think he likes meeting with you?
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