Donna Adamek Trivia Quiz: An American Bowler

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Donna Adamek Trivia Quiz: An American Bowler

Donna Adamek was born in Duarte, California, on February 1, 1957. She is a four-time WIBC Bowler of the Year for tenpin bowling in the United States. On the PWBA Tour, she participated on a national level. Adamek grew up with her parents and three elder siblings in Monrovia, California, roughly 14 miles northeast of Los Angeles. Adamek started bowling when she was very young. Her parents claim that she was defeating the adult bowlers when she was ten years old and even bowled a 200 in the fourth game she ever bowled. Here’s a quiz based on Donna Adamek.

Which title was Adamek got in 1979 and 1980?

  • WIBC Queens

  • BWAA Bowler of the Year

  • PWBA Player of the Year

  • Senior Queens

When was Adamek got the Alberta E. Crowe Star of Tomorrow Award for being the top junior bowler?

  • 1971

  • 1975

  • 1978

  • 1980

At what age did Adamek join the professional circuit?

  • 10

  • 15

  • 17

  • 19

When was Adamek drop out of California State University?

  • 1971

  • 1975

  • 1976

  • 1977

How many times was Adamek named as WIBC Bowler of the Year?

  • One

  • Two

  • Three

  • Four

How many professional titles have Adamek won in her 16-year career?

  • 15

  • 17

  • 18

  • 19

When was Donna Adamek born?

  • February 1957

  • February 1958

  • March 1957

  • March 1958

Where was Donna Adamek born?

  • Los Angeles

  • San Bruno

  • Duarte

  • Irvine

When was Adamek won the Sam's Town Invitational?

  • 1979

  • 1980

  • 1988

  • 1989

To which nickname is Adamek recognized?

  • Holy Split

  • The Mighty Mite

  • Pin Tickler

  • Butterball


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