Donna Karan Trivia Quiz: An American fashion designer

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Donna Karan Trivia Quiz: An American fashion designer

Donna Karan Quiz: How well do you know Donna Karan?

Donna Karan is an American fashion designer who founded the Donna Karan New York label in 1984. She is known for her timeless, versatile designs that are both elegant and comfortable. Karan is also a philanthropist, and has been involved in numerous charitable initiatives supporting health and wellness, education, and the arts. Here are 10 amazing quiz questions on Donna Karan. Lets’ play the quiz!

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What was Donna Karan's father's profession?
What brand did Donna Karan focus on after stepping down as head of her eponymous company?
What is the name of Donna Karan's less expensive clothing line for younger women?
What was Donna Karan's first job in the fashion industry?
What is Donna Karan's real name?
When did Donna Karan release her "cold shoulder" dress?
What was the name of Donna Karan's first clothing line?
Where was Donna Karan born?
What was the concept behind Donna Karan's 'Essentials' line?
What was Donna Karan's mother's profession?

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