Douglas Engelbart Trivia Quiz: American Engineer and Inventor

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Douglas Engelbart Quiz: How well do you know Douglas Engelbart?

Douglas Engelbart was an American engineer and inventor who developed early computer technology, including the computer mouse and the concept of hypertext, and is considered a pioneer of the personal computer industry.

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What is Engelbart's law?
When was "The Mother of All Demos" held?
Who was influenced by Engelbart's work?
What was the purpose of the Bootstrap Institute?
What institution did Engelbart found to promote his vision?
What is the name of Engelbart's thesis?
What is Douglas Engelbart known for?
What was the name of the system developed by Engelbart's Augmentation Research Center?
In what year was Engelbart awarded the National Medal of Technology?
What technology did Engelbart develop that is now in widespread use?

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