Which Dr. Romantic Character Are You? - Dr. Romantic Quiz

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Which Dr. Romantic Character Are You? - Dr. Romantic Quiz

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Dr. Romantic is a popular South Korean television series.Show More

It tells the tale of a brilliant physician named Kim Sa Bu (Han Suk Kyu) and the "real romance" that he discovers while working at the modest and small Dol Dam Hospital.
• Kang Eun-kyung (seasons 1-3) and Lim Hye-min (season 3) are the writers.
Han Suk-kyu, Yoo Yeon-seok, Seo Hyun-jin, Ahn Hyo-seop, Lee Sung-kyung, and Kim Joo-hun are among the cast members.
Dr. Romantic Quiz - Play Now!
Do you enjoy the "Dr Romantic" Sereis?  Let's find out which character from 'Dr Romantic' you are! Take this quiz to uncover if you're Boo Yong-joo, Kang Dong-joo, Yeo Woon-young, Oh Myung-sim, or someone else. Good luck!

What drives your passion for medicine?
How do you approach teamwork in a medical setting?
How do you approach teaching and mentoring younger medical professionals?
How do you handle criticism or feedback from superiors or peers?
How do you handle difficult patients or conflicts in the medical field?
How do you handle stress and pressure in a medical environment?
How do you balance personal life and your commitment to medicine?
How do you communicate with patients and their families?
How do you approach challenging medical cases?
How do you handle ethical dilemmas in the medical field?
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