Which Dr. Stone Character Are You? - Dr. Stone Quiz

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Which Dr. Stone Character Are You? - Dr. Stone Quiz

Take this popular Dr. Stone: New World Quiz to see which iconic character from the Tv series Dr. Stone are you?

Dr. Stone is an anime television program produced by TMS Entertainment and is based on a manga of the same title by Riichiro Inagaki, illustrated by Boichi and published in Japan’s Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump.Show More

After 3,700 years of petrification due to an unknown light source, a genius boy named Senku Ishigami wakes up in a “Stone World” and decides to rebuild humanity from scratch. The third season that will air in split cour format is titled Dr. Stone: New World.
What Dr. Stone: New World Character Are You?
Do you want to take a game that will show who you truly are in Dr. Stone: New World? Go through this exciting test and discover your inner self in Dr. Stone: New World!

Your community is faced by a powerful enemy. How would you deal with this?

Your group meets a new culture with different customs. How do you handle them?

It becomes necessary for your group to establish trade with another civilization. How do you engage in negotiations?

What do you do when you come across an unidentified petrified object in the wild?

There is a conflict between two members in your group. How do you mediate?

Everyone wants this new technology when they hear of its existence. How would you go about it?

You need a leader for your group on an important mission. What is your role?

Another group challenges your knowledge on science, how do you respond?

What will be your solution if your group runs short of resources?

It is nearly possible to attain a significant scientific breakthrough but it demands dangerous experimentation. What should be done?

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