Education Quiz: Are You a 5th Grader Pass?

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Let's Start this Quiz

Do you want to know if you have knowledge like 5th grade students? If yes, then you can test your knowledge by playing our education quiz. here we have 10 questions, asking you basic questions. If you answer all the questions, then you will be considered as you are as knowledgeable as any 5th grade student. 
Are you 5th class pass? Play education quiz!
Whether you breeze through this easily or it has unexpected pitfalls lying in wait; it is an opportunity for reflection on why we need basic education over time. It’s a fun way of saying that one should consider how continuous education is important at all stages of life and appreciate discovering the simple pleasures of acquiring knowledge again.

Which is the largest state in the USA by area?

  • Texas

  • California

  • Alaska

  • Montana

Identify the verb: "Joy walked to the store."

  • She

  • Store

  • Walked

  • To

How many colors are there in a rainbow?

  • Five  

  • Seven 

  • Two

  • Eleven

What is the national bird of the United States?

  • Bald eagle

  • Falcon

  • Sparrow

  • Owl

Which city is known as the "Windy City"?

  • New York City

  • Los Angeles

  • Chicago

  • Miami

Identify the adjective: "The cake was delicious."

  • Was

  • The

  • Delicious

  • Cake

Which is a proper noun? "Henry saw the Eiffel Tower in Paris."

  • Paris

  • Tower

  • Saw

  • I

Identify the preposition: "The cat is under the table."

  • Table

  • Under

  • Cat

  • Is

In which year did the United States declare independence?

  • 4 July1776

  • 4 June 1492

  • 4 July1865

  • 4 June 1812

Who was the first president of the United States?

  • George Washington

  • Abraham Lincoln

  • Thomas Jefferson

  • John Adams

Which is a compound word? "My toothbrush is blue."

  • Blue

  • Is

  • My

  • Toothbrush


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