Edward Hopper Trivia Quiz: An American Painter

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Edward Hopper Trivia Quiz: An American Painter

Edward Hopper was born in New York, the U.S., in 1882. He was a realism painter and printer from the United States. While Hopper is best recognized for his oil paintings, he was also a skilled watercolorist and etching printmaker. His career gained significantly from his marriage to fellow artist Josephine Nivison, who served as both a role model and a collaborative partner in his work. Hopper was praised for portraying America with "full verity." Here's a quiz based on Edward Hopper. Let's play the quiz.

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What is the height of Edward Hopper?

  • 4 Feet , 8 Inches (Approx)

  • 5 Feet, 5 Inches (Approx)

  • 6 Feet , 4 Inches (Approx)

  • 5 Feet, 11 Inches (Approx)

What is the cause of death of Edward Hopper?

  • Accident

  • Heart failure

  • Cancer

  • Natural Causes

In which country was Edward Hopper a member of the Scene movement?

  • Russia

  • France

  • Australia

  • The United States

What is the religion of Edward Hopper?

  • Catholicism

  • Christianity

  • Spiritism

  • Jewish

When was Edward Hopper born?

  • May 20, 1882

  • June 21, 1882

  • July 22, 1882

  • August 23, 1882

To Whom did Hopper get married?

  • Josephine Nivison

  • Guy Pene du Bois

  • Lucy Bacon

  • Jo Baer

Hopper sold a watercolor painting to The Brooklyn Museum of Art in 1923 for $100, launching his career as a serious artist. What was it?

  • Two Trawlers

  • The Mansard Roof

  • Nighthawks

  • Houses of Squam Light

When did Edward Hopper die?

  • February 12, 1964

  • March 13, 1965

  • April 14, 1966

  • May 15, 1967

What is the name of Edward Hopper's father?

  • Andrew

  • Garret Henry 

  • Irving Vincent

  • Dale Burdell Ride

What is Hopper's most famous artwork?

  • Nighthawks

  • House by the railroad

  • Chop Suey

  • Sunny Side

Who is Edward Hopper by Profession?

  • Singer

  • Painter 

  • Actor

  • Author

What type of painter is Edward Hopper considered to be?

  • Postmodernist

  • Abstract Expressionist

  • Folk

  • Realist

What type of business does Edward Hopper's "Nightowls" portray?

  • Shopping Mall

  • Diner

  • Library

  • Doctor's Office

What seaside landmark is the subject of Edward Hopper's "Two Lights" painting?

  • A Clam Shell

  • A Farmhouse

  • A Lighthouse

  • A Wave

Where was Edward Hopper born?

  • Nyack 

  • Buffalo

  • Rochester

  • Yonkers


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