Edwin Schlossberg Trivia Quiz: An American designer, author, and artist

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Edwin Schlossberg Quiz: How well do you know Edwin Schlossberg?

Edwin Arthur Schlossberg is an American designer, author, and artist known for his interactive experiences. He has published 11 books and has had his artwork presented in many solo shows and museum exhibits. Schlossberg attended Columbia College and received his master's and doctoral degrees from Columbia University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. He founded his multi-disciplinary design firm, ESI Design, in New York City and has produced award-winning interactive experiences for institutional and corporate clients. In 2011, he was appointed to the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts by President Barack Obama, serving until 2013.

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What type of experiences is Schlossberg known for designing?
What is the name of Schlossberg's multi-disciplinary design firm?
What title did Wired magazine give to Schlossberg?
What did Schlossberg plan to redesign in 2007?
What is Edwin Arthur Schlossberg's profession?
Which project did ESI Design work on for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate?
Who is Schlossberg married to?
How many books has Schlossberg published?
What university did Schlossberg attend for his undergraduate degree?
In what year did Schlossberg create the first hands-on learning environment in the U.S. for the Brooklyn Children's Museum?

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