Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction Quiz: Which Ehrengard Character Are You?

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Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction Quiz: Which Ehrengard Character Are You?

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Ehrengard: The Art of Seduction, a comedy drama movie. In the fairytale kingdom of Babenhausen, resides Mr. Cazotte. A young man who was a self-appointed expert on love and is now hired by the scheming Grand Duchess. And her target… Mr. Cazotte’s assistant Crown Prince Lothar who is timid and introverted. But their plan backfires when the royal family has to seek refuge in the castle of Rosenbad due to an heir being conceived out of wedlock. Here, as rivals within the royal family close in on their scheme, Cazotte himself falls in love with Ehrengard, the maid of honor, and gradually learns that in fact, he's no expert on love at all.

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How do you approach challenges in matters of the heart?
What do you value most in a partner or ally?
What is your view on the art of seduction?
How do you view power and influence?
How do you react when faced with adversity?
How would you handle a situation where your loyalty is tested?
How do you handle secrets and hidden agendas?
What is your preferred method of achieving your goals?
How would you describe your approach to love and relationships?
What role does ambition play in your life?
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