Eileen Collins Trivia Quiz: The US Astronaut

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Eileen Collins Quiz: How well do you know Eileen Collins?

Eileen Marie Collins is a retired NASA astronaut and United States Air Force (USAF) colonel. She was the first woman to pilot the Space Shuttle and the first to command a Space Shuttle mission. Collins graduated from Corning Community College and Syracuse University and was commissioned as an officer in the USAF through Syracuse's Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps program. She was selected to be a pilot astronaut with NASA Astronaut Group 13 in 1990 and flew multiple Space Shuttle missions. Collins retired from the USAF in January 2005 and from NASA in May 2006.

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What was Eileen Marie Collins' first Space Shuttle mission?
Where was Eileen Marie Collins born?
Where did Eileen Marie Collins earn her associate degree in mathematics?
What was Eileen Marie Collins' role on the STS-93 mission?
Where did Eileen Marie Collins earn a Master of Science degree in operations research?
What was the name of the USAF Test Pilot School class that Eileen Marie Collins graduated with?
What magazine did Eileen Marie Collins subscribe to as a child?
When did the United States Air Force change its policy to allow women to train as pilots?
What was the purpose of the STS-114 mission?
What type of aircraft did Eileen Marie Collins transition to at Travis Air Force Base?

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