Emily Bissell Trivia Quiz: American Social Worker

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Emily Bissell Trivia Quiz: American Social Worker

Emily Bissell Quiz: How well do you know Emily Bissell?

Emily Bissell was a pioneering American social worker and activist who dedicated her life to improving the lives of others. Born in 1861, she is best known for her tireless work on behalf of the American Red Cross and the fight against tuberculosis. Bissell was a woman ahead of her time, breaking barriers and defying societal norms to achieve her goals. This quiz will test your knowledge of Emily Bissell's life, work, and legacy, so get ready to learn and have fun!

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Emily Bissell was a founding member of what organization?
What was the purpose of the Christmas Seals that Emily Bissell introduced?
In what year did Emily Bissell begin her work on behalf of the American Red Cross?
What award did Emily Bissell receive for her contribution?
In what year was Emily Bissell born?
Emily Bissell is credited with introducing what fundraising idea to the American Red Cross?
In addition to her work with the American Red Cross, Emily Bissell was also a vocal advocate for what other cause?
Emily Bissell is best known for her work in fighting what disease?
Emily Bissell died in what year?
Emily Bissell's fundraising efforts through Christmas Seals helped establish what organization?

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