Emma Watson Trivia Quiz: Harry Potter Actress Popular As 'Hermione Granger'

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Emma Watson Trivia Quiz: Harry Potter Actress Popular As 'Hermione Granger'

Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, born in April 1990 is a famous actress. Aside from her roles in major blockbusters and independent movies, she is also well known for her women's rights movement work. Among the finest Hollywood celebrities, Emma Watson is one of the finest actresses. Since her childhood, she has played fantastic roles, and she continues to entertain us as an actress. So, let us take a quiz to test your knowledge about how much you know the international crush - Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson!

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What character did Emma Charlotte play in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone”?

  • Ginny Weasley

  • Hermione Granger

  • Luna Lovegood

  • Nymphadora Tonks

What role did Emma Charlotte play in “Beauty and the Beast”, released in 2017?

  • Princess Pea

  • Hermione Granger

  • Belle

  • Angela Gray

In which of the following animated film, Emma Charlotte lent her voice?

  • The Tale of Despereaux

  • The Angry Birds Movie 3

  • The Monkey King

  • Frozen II

In 2015, in which of the following films did Emma Charlotte did NOT appear?

  • A. Regression

  • B. Colonia

  • C. Noah

  • Both A and B

What is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson's nationality?

  • French

  • American

  • British

  • Russian

Who is Emma Charlotte Watson?

  • Actress

  • Activist

  • Model

  • All of these

Where was Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson born?

  • London

  • Edinburgh

  • Paris

  • Washington

In which television show, Emma Charlotte gained popularity among viewers?

  • Quantico

  • Ballet Shoes

  • xXx: The Return of Xander Cage

  • None of these

In which of the following film did Emma Charlotte appear?

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

  • All of these

When was Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson born?

  • March 1990

  • April 1990

  • May 1990

  • June 1990


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