Eric Thomas Trivia Quiz: American motivational speaker

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Eric Thomas Trivia Quiz: American motivational speaker

Eric Thomas Quiz: How well do you know Eric Thomas?

Eric D. Thomas was born in 1970. Thomas is an American motivational speaker, author, consultant, and minister. Many of Thomas's YouTube speeches have been very successful. Thomas was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and Detroit, MI. After graduating from Michigan State University with his master's degree in Educational Leadership in 2003, Thomas moved to Michigan State University to become the academic advisor for disadvantaged students. While working for Michigan State, Thomas was awarded a fellowship for attending MSU to complete his master's degree.

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Where is Eric Thomas from?
Who is the Spouse of Eric Thomas?
When did Eric Thomas take a job with Michigan State University (MSU)?
What does Eric Thomas have a Ph.D. in?
In which year did Eric Thomas graduate?
When was Eric Thomas born?
When did Eric Thomas reunite with Disclosure to speak on "Energy"?
In which year did Eric Thomas attain a Ph.D.?
When did Eric Thomas attain a master's degree from MSU?
How long did it take Eric Thomas to get a graduation degree?

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