Evilive Quiz: Which Evilive Character Are You?

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Evilive Quiz: Which Evilive Character Are You?

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Evilive is the newest kdrama series to hit Netflix in 2023. Based on Gwan Ha's webtoon of the same name, this thrilling series is nothing short from amazing. Directed by Kim Jung-hyun and starring Lee Joon-gi, Kim Ji-eun, and Song Seung-heon. It follows the life of Han Dong-soo (played by Lee Joon-gi), an ambitious gang leader. In a cruel turn of events he gets betrayed by his own brother who’s also a police officer.But that’s not all. Determined to get revenge on him and anyone else that fooled him.

Which Evilive character are you?
Are you like the attorney who has low income but still vows to become a villain like Han Dong-soo? Or maybe you’re a ruthless criminal like Seo Do-young? Maybe you’re wrapped up in reckless crimes like Han Beom-jae, Dong-soo’s half brother? Or are you someone else? Someone mysterious with hidden desires? No matter what your personality is, we have a quiz that’ll tell you which character from Evilive best matches it. By the end of it, no only will you know what character resonates with you most but also understand yourself on a deeper level.

Let's Start this Quiz
You are given the choice to kill or be killed. What do you do?
You are given the chance to change your past. Would you do it?
You are asked to describe yourself in one word. What do you say?
You are offered a job by a mysterious organization. Do you accept?
You are betrayed by someone you trusted. How do you react?
You are faced with a difficult decision. How do you make it?
You are in danger and you need help. Who do you turn to?
You are offered a deal by a powerful villain. Do you accept?
You are given the choice to save yourself or your loved ones. What do you do?
You are given a chance to escape from a dangerous situation. Do you take it?
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