Faisal Shaikh Trivia Quiz: Top Social Media Influencer Trivia

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Faisal Shaikh Trivia Quiz: Top Social Media Influencer Trivia

Faisal Shaikh Quiz: How well do you know Faisal Shaikh?

The birth date of Shaikh Mohammad Muhamassir Faisal is 5 October 1994. In addition to being an influencer on social media, he is also a model. As a lip-syncing and transition video creator on TikTok, Faisal gained immense popularity in 2018 through lip-syncing and transition videos. During the 2022 season of Colors TV's Khatron Ke Khiladi, hosted by Rohit Shetty, he competed as a contestant. Let’s play the trivia Faisal Shaikh quiz!

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Where was Faisal Shaikh born?
When was Faisal Shaikh born?
In which year Faisal Shaikh joined TikTok?
Faisal Shaikh is part of which biker group?
In which of the following show Faisal Shaikh participate?
What is Faisal Shaikh's nick name?
In which year Faisal Shaikh participated in "Khatron Ke Khiladi?"
Which of the following award did Faisal Shaikh receive?
Who is Faisal Shaikh?
From which college he completed his graduation?

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