Which Fake Profile Character Are You? - Fake Profile Quiz

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Which Fake Profile Character Are You? - Fake Profile Quiz

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Fake Profile is the most popular Colombian television drama.Show More

Fake Profile TV series created by Pablo Illanes. The series follows Camila when she meets her 'Prince Charming' through a dating app, after an idyllic romance, she makes plans to surprise him, only to end up trapped in paradise. Camila, a cabaret dancer in Las Vegas, swipes right on a cosmetic surgeon named Fernando. The two fall for each other almost instantly and share a passion-filled night. Sadly, Fernando has to skip town — so they decide to make it work long-distance. Carolina Miranada, Manuela González, Mauricio Henao and Lincoln Palmeque are among the leading star cast.
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See how much you know about the fantastic television drama. Let's find out which character you are from ‘Fake Profile’! Take the quiz to uncover if you're Miguel, Ángela, David, Pedro Ferrer or someone else.

How do you use social media in Fake Profile for self-expression?

How do you verify the authenticity of online profiles in Fake Profile?

How do you approach social media interactions in Fake Profile?

How do you approach online relationships in Fake Profile?

How do you handle conflicts in Fake Profileor disagreements online?

How do you handle online criticism in Fake Profileor negative comments?

How do you handle online privacy and security?

How do you present yourself in Fake Profileon social media?

How do you approach online networking and building connections?

How do you handle online in Fake Profileconflicts involving others?

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