Favourite Music Song: Which is my Favourite Music Type?

By Natalia Harrison
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The music world is a vast one whose genre has got its own feel, beat and emotions.Show More

There are many different forms of music you can experiment with ranging from electronic dance which pounds on you while listening to classical melodies that pierce the heart. 
Take Music Quiz! 
You may prefer folk music for its poetic lyrics or rap and hip-hop for their contagious beats. Therefore, take this test in order to know what kind of music you love as it is a fun way through which you will discover your favorite genre In that case, listen carefully as sounds flow along your body then start moving towards the style of songs that seem to belong only in your inner self like classical compositions. Reggae, pop, country, or anything else totally different; this test will hit home with your sense of music.

What lyrical theme do you prefer?

How do you like to dance to your favorite songs?

How do you like your music production?

What genre of music appeals to you the most?

What atmosphere do you prefer in your music?

What mood do you prefer in your music?

What emotion do you want your music to evoke?

Which instrument resonates with you the most?

How do you feel about love songs?

What tempo of music energizes you the most?

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