Ferry: The Series Quiz: Which Ferry Character are You?

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Ferry: The Series Quiz: Which Ferry Character are You?

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Ferry: The Series is about the journey of Ferry Bouman, a young and ambitious drug dealer. He is hell bent on rising to the top of the criminal hierarchy. It serves as a prequel for Ferry (a Netflix film in 2021) by providing information about Ferry’s last days in the illegal drug business. If you love crime dramas, you must have watched Ferry: The Series. This is an interesting show that will keep you biting your nails.

Let's Start this Quiz
You find a secret passage at your workplace. What do you do next?
Your roommate took something without telling you and accidentally broke it. How would you respond?
Your favorite local hangout is about to close. How do you go about rallying support?
Your family is planning a surprise vacation for you. What is your reaction?
Your friend will have a birthday soon but is not planning any celebration, and you need to know what plan to have. What should I do?
You find a strange package left on your doorstep. What will you do?
What would you say if your friends asked you for an impromptu road trip?
A stranger offers you something. What is your reaction?
Your colleague is talking about you behind your back in the office. How do you manage this?
You can take the lead role in a play at your local theater. What is your approach towards the character?
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