Floyd Patterson Quiz: An American Professional Boxer

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Floyd Patterson Quiz: An American Professional Boxer

Floyd Patterson was born in North Carolina, the U.S., in 1935. Between 1952 and 1972, he was an American professional boxer who won the world heavyweight title twice, in 1956 and 1962. Patterson had become the youngest heavyweight champion in history at the age of 21, and he was also the first heavyweight champion to reclaim the championship after losing it. At the 1952 Summer Olympics, he won a gold medal in the middleweight division as an amateur. Here’s a quiz on Floyd Patterson. Let’s take the quiz.

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When did Floyd Patterson die?
Where was Floyd Patterson born?
Patterson defeated which boxer to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion?
What was the name of Patterson’s second wife?
Floyd trained which Canadian heavyweight boxer in 1992?
Which boxer did Patterson knock out in just four rounds at Wembley Stadium?
When was Floyd Patterson born?
In which year did Patterson induct into the International Boxing Hall of Fame?
When was Floyd won the National Amateur Middleweight Championship?
When did Patterson become the first man in history to regain the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship?