Fredricka Whitfield Quiz: An American Journalist

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Fredricka Whitfield Quiz: An American Journalist

Fredricka Whitfield was born in Nairobi, Kenya, in May 1965. She is an American journalist and news anchor. From CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta, she anchors the weekend publication of CNN Newsroom. In 1983, Whitfield graduated from Burtonsville, Maryland’s Paint Branch High School. She took their Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Howard University’s School of Communication. While at Howard, she served as a news anchor on the college radio station WHUR. Whitfield was named Alumna of the year at Howard in 2002. Here is the quiz based on Fredricka Whitfield.

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To whom did Whitfield get married?
After completing college, where did Whitfield work?
When did Fredricka Whitfield join CNN?
How many children does Fredricka Whitfield have?
In 2004, with which comedian did Whitfield televise interview?
When was Fredricka Whitfield born?
When did Whitfield take their bachelor’s degree in journalism?
Who is Fredricka Whitfield's father?
When was Whitfield selected as the Howard’s Alumna of the year?
Where was Fredricka Whitfield born?