Friend Quiz: Do I Like Him As A Friend Or More?

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Friend Quiz: Do I Like Him As A Friend Or More?

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Have you ever felt like your best friend is becoming more than a best friend? When things start changing between the two of you, it can get confusing really quickly. Do you find yourself growing closer or do you think there’s something different behind it all? It’s important to understand what you’re feeling before making any moves. Use the quiz below to get a better idea. 

Let's Start this Quiz
Does his existence make you self-conscious?
Do you have thoughts about asking him out?
Whenever you are horny, do you somehow think of him, or, say, do thoughts of him come to your mind?
How does he look at you?
What was he wearing when you last saw him?
If we're being honest, do you like him?
Do you think he’s attractive?
Suppose there were only five men left in this world, including him. Would you choose any handsome one over him to start a new life?
Do you find reasons to spend time with him?
Are you always talking to him?
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