Fun Quiz: How Innocent Am I?

By Olivia Isabel
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Innocence is always a sign of calmness and beauty. Have you ever thought if you are as innocent as a puppy?Show More

You can play this easy and mind game quiz to know if you are innocent or not or how innocent is you. Imagine the silly situations to thinking about what you'd do in funny scenarios, this quiz is all about having a good laugh while learning about yourself. 
Play Innocent Quiz!
Whether you're giggling at the idea or proudly showing off your angelic side, this quiz is sure to be a blast. So, grab your buddies, get comfy, and let's find out together if you're as innocent as a daisy or if you've got a playful side hiding inside!

Do you have a secret stash of junk food?

Have you ever cheated on a test?

What's your favorite type of humor?

Have you ever snuck out past curfew?

How often do you skip school or work?

Have you ever shoplifted?

How often do you tell white lies?

What's your reaction when someone says a dirty joke?

What's your favorite genre of movies?

How often do you eavesdrop on others' conversations?

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