Gay Courter Trivia Quiz: Author of “The Midwife”

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Gay Courter Trivia Quiz:   Author of “The Midwife”

Gay Courter Quiz: How well do you know Gay Courter?

Gay Courter is an American author, known for her best-selling novel "The Midwife". Born in 1942, she has written several works of fiction and non-fiction, and is particularly noted for her historical fiction. Her writing often explores themes of women's rights, family, and cultural conflict. The Midwife, set in 18th century Turkey, tells the story of a midwife fighting for her right to practice in a male-dominated society and has been adapted into a film, "Call the Midwife". Courter continues to write and is highly regarded for her contribution to historical fiction.Here are 10 quiz questions based on Gay Courter. Let’s play the quiz!

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What is the name of the film adaptation of The Midwife?
What is the name of Gay Courter's best-known novel?
What is the historical period in which The Midwife is set?
What genre does The Midwife belong to?
What is the main conflict of The Midwife?
What is the main protagonist of The Midwife?
What is the setting of The Midwife?
What is the name of the sequel to The Midwife?
What is the main theme of The Midwife?
What is Gay Courter best known for?

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