Genetic Pedigree Analysis Quiz Online

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Welcome to Genetic Pedigree Analysis Quiz online. Get into the world of genetic inheritance. We have compiled a list of 10 questions along with the 4 options in this quiz. Here you will challenge your understanding of how family history and visual representations called pedigrees can reveal patterns in genetic disorders.
Whether you are a student having a keen interest on genetics or simply curious about family traits, this quiz is a fun and informative way to test your knowledge. So, take the challenge and see if you can decipher the secrets hidden within a family tree.
Instructions: Choose the best answer for each question.

In a pedigree chart, a square represents__

  • A male with the recessive trait

  • A female with the dominant trait

  • A male (regardless of trait)

  • A carrier of a sex-linked trait

Pedigree analysis is most useful for studying___

  • Infectious diseases

  • Genetic disorders in families

  • The effect of diet on health

  • The impact of environmental toxins

In a Punnett Square used for analyzing pedigrees, what does each letter represent?

  • Allele of a gene

  • Age of onset for a disease

  • Severity of a trait

  • Blood type of the individual

If a man has a colorblind daughter, what does it imply about the mother's genotype?

  • She is definitely red-green colorblind.

  • She is definitely a carrier.

  • There is no way to know for sure from this information.

  • She cannot be a carrier.

If both parents are carriers of cystic fibrosis, what's the chance their next child will have it?

  • 0%

  • 25%

  • 50%

  • 75%

In a pedigree, analyzing the number of affected individuals across generations can help determine___

  • The mode of inheritance for a trait

  • Blood pressure range

  • The age of the parents

  • The severity of a disease

If unaffected parents have all affected children, what's the likely mode of inheritance?

  • Autosomal dominant

  • X-linked dominant

  • Y-linked

  • Autosomal recessive

A diagonal line with a slash through it connecting an individual to a symbol in a pedigree indicates____

  • Individual is deceased

  • Individual carries a recessive trait

  • Individual has an unknown genotype

  • Individual donated an egg or sperm

A horizontal line connecting two individuals in a pedigree indicates____

  • Parent-child relationship

  • Identical twins

  • Marriage or partnership

  • Shared environmental exposure

In a pedigree, a circle represents___

  • A female (regardless of trait)

  • A male with the dominant trait

  • A carrier of an autosomal recessive trait

  • A female with the recessive trait


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