George Foreman Trivia Quiz: An American Former Professional Boxer

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George Foreman Trivia Quiz: An American Former Professional Boxer

George Edward Foreman was born in Texas, the U.S., in January 1949. He is a former professional boxer, minister, entrepreneur, and author from the United States. Foreman was known as "Big George" in boxing and competed from 1967 to 1997. As a two-time heavyweight world champion and Olympic gold medalist, he has achieved immense success in sports. Foreman is recognized as the founder of the George Foreman Grill. The Ring named him one of the top 25 fighters of the past 80 years in 2002. According to The Ring, he is the tenth best puncher. Here's the quiz based on George Foreman. Let's play the quiz.

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Who defeated George Foreman in Rumble in the Jungle Fight?

  • Larry Holmes

  • Muhammad Ali

  • Roberto Duran

  • Floyd Mayweather

When was Foreman debuted his professional boxing career?

  • In 1968

  • In 1969

  • In 1970

  • In 1971

In which year was Foreman won a gold medal boxing/heavyweight division at the Mexico City Olympic Games?

  • 1965

  • 1966

  • 1967

  • 1968

In what round did George Foreman knock out Joe Frazier in the title fight of June 1976?

  • 3rd

  • 4th

  • 5th

  • 6th

When was George Foreman born?

  • January 10, 1949

  • January 10, 1948

  • January 10, 1959

  • January 10, 1960

Where was George Foreman born?

  • San Francisco

  • New York

  • Boston

  • Marshall

What is the nickname of George Foreman?

  • Big George

  • Jack Dempsey

  • Small George

  • George

When was Foreman won his first amateur fight?

  • January 26, 1967

  • February 25, 1965

  • January 21, 1967

  • February 19, 1965

To whom did Foreman defeat in the 1968 Summer Olympics finals?

  • Lucjan Trela

  • Ion Alexe

  • Jonas Čepulis

  • Giorgio Bambini

To whom did Foreman get married in 1985?

  • Adrienne Calhoun

  • Mary Joan Martelly

  • Cynthia Lewis

  • Andrea Skeete


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