Gerda Lerner Trivia Quiz: A historian and women's rights activist

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Gerda Lerner Trivia Quiz: A historian and women's rights activist

Gerda Lerner Quiz: How well do you know Gerda Lerner?

Gerda Lerner was a historian and women's rights activist who is widely regarded as a pioneer in the field of
women's history. Her most famous book, "The Creation of Patriarchy," is considered a groundbreaking work that challenged traditional notions of history and society. Lerner established the first women's history program in the United States at Sarah Lawrence College.Here are 10 trivia quiz questions based on Gerda Lerner’s life. Let’s play the quiz!

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What was the name of the women's history program that Gerda Lerner established at Sarah Lawrence College?
What was Gerda Lerner's first language?
Who was Gerda Lerner?
In which country was Gerda Lerner born?
In what country did Gerda Lerner earn her PhD?
What was the title of Gerda Lerner's most famous book?
In what year did Gerda Lerner pass away?
What was Gerda Lerner's area of expertise as a historian?
In what year was Gerda Lerner's "The Creation of Patriarchy" published?
What was Gerda Lerner's opinion on the use of the term "feminist"?

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