Giorgio Armani Trivia Quiz: An Italian Fashion Designer

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Giorgio Armani Trivia Quiz: An Italian Fashion Designer

Giorgio Armani Quiz: How well do you know Giorgio Armani?

Giorgio Armani was born in July 1934. He is an Italian fashion designer. In 1975, Armani founded his company, Armani, which eventually diversified into music, sport, and luxury hotels. He gained notoriety initially, working for Cerruti then for Allegri, Bagutta, Hilton, and many others. As of 2001, Armani was known as the most successful designer of Italian origin and had pioneered red carpet fashion. He is also the richest openly LGBT person globally and is influential among top brands in the fashion industry.

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What was Armani's original career plan?
What movie made Armani a star in the U.S.?
What type of clothes did Armani release first?
What year did Armani release his clothing line?
What did Armani remove from suit jackets in 1975?
Where was Giorgio Armani born?
Which of these is associated with the Armani power suit?
What was Armani's first fashion-related job?
What fabric did Armani famously focus on at the start of his career?
When was Giorgio Armani born?

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