Gonzalo Rojas Trivia Quiz: Chilean Poet

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Gonzalo Rojas Trivia Quiz: Chilean Poet

Gonzalo Rojas Quiz: How well do you know Gonzalo Rojas?

Gonzalo Rojas Pizarro was a Chilean poet born in 1916 and died in 2011. Latin American avant-garde literature continues in his writings. His father was born in Chile, and he was a coal mining engineer. During his youth, he served as editor of the Antarctica magazine in Santiago de Chile and as a university lecturer in Valparaiso. The Cervantes Prize was awarded to him in 2003. The surrealist group Mandrágora was founded by Braulio Arenas, Teófilo Cid, and Enrique Gómez Correa in 1938-1941. Santiago published his first collection of poems seven years later, in 1948. Find out how much you know about Gonzalo Rojas by playing this quiz.

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Which university did Gonzalo Rojas attend to study law and literature?
Which of the following awards were received by Gonzalo Rojas?
When did Gonzalo Rojas die?
Which year did Gonzalo Rojas hold the title of professor at Brigham Young University?
Where did Gonzalo Rojas’s first book of poems published?
Which of the following book was not written by Gonzalo Rojas?
In what year did Gonzalo Rojas receive the Cervantes Prize?
Which of the following Gonzalo Rojas’s book was published in 1979?
What is the Gonzalo Rojas birth of origin?
What is the birth date of Gonzalo Rojas?

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