Tottempudi Gopichand Trivia Quiz: An Indian Actor

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Tottempudi Gopichand Trivia Quiz: An Indian Actor

Tottempudi Gopichand was born in 1979 in Andhra Pradesh. He is an Indian actor who predominantly performs in Telugu movies. He made his acting debut in the lead part of Tholi Valapu (2001), a movie known for its action roles. He gained national attention with Yagnam in 2004 after appearing as an antagonist in films like Nijam, Jayam, and Varsham. Here’s a quiz based on Gopichand. So let’s play the quiz.

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What is Gopichand's most famous genre?

  • Action

  • Horror

  • Thriller

  • Comedy

In what movie did Gopichand make his debut?

  • Nijam

  • Tholi Valapu

  • Jayam

  • Varsham

Gopichand played a negative role in which movie?

  • Jayam

  • Nijam

  • Varsham

  • All of the above

When was Gopichand born?

  • June 12, 1979

  • June 13, 1979

  • June 14, 1979

  • June 15, 1979

What is Gopichand's nickname?

  • Prince

  • King

  • Shining Star

  • Macho Star

What was the film for which Gopichand sang playback?

  • Nijam

  • Rayam

  • Raghu

  • Golimaar

Where was Gopichand born?

  • Visakhapatnam

  • Vijayawada

  • Kakaturivaripalem

  • Tirupati

What famous filmmaker was Gopichand's father?

  • P.Gopichand

  • Krishna Babu

  • T.Krishna

  • Nagarjuna

Who was Gopichand's first co-star?

  • Rashi

  • Nayanthara

  • Priya

  • Sneha

Who is Gopichand's wife?

  • Supriya

  • Reshma

  • Sapna

  • Rashi


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