Grace Abbott Trivia Quiz: American Social Worker

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Grace Abbott Trivia Quiz: American Social Worker

Grace Abbott Quiz: How well do you know Grace Abbott?

Grace Abbott was a prominent American social worker and advocate for children's rights in the early 20th century. She served as the chief of the Children's Bureau under President Franklin D. Roosevelt and played a key role in the development of child labor laws and policies to protect vulnerable children. This quiz will test your knowledge of Grace Abbott's life and contributions to social welfare reform in the United States.

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Which of the following books did Grace Abbott write?
What was Grace Abbott's first job after graduating from college?
In what year did Grace Abbott die?
In what year was Grace Abbott born?
Which university did Grace Abbott attend to earn her undergraduate degree?
What was Grace Abbott's primary area of focus in her social work?
What was the name of the federal agency that Grace Abbott led under President Franklin D. Roosevelt?
What was the title of Grace Abbott's book that exposed the exploitation of Mexican migrant workers?
Which of the following organizations did Grace Abbott help found?
In what year did Grace Abbott become the director of the Children's Bureau?

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