Grace Hartigan Trivia Quiz: An American Painter

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Grace Hartigan Quiz: How well do you know Grace Hartigan?

Grace Hartigan was an American Abstract Expressionist painter and a member of the New York School in the 1950s and 1960s. Her friends included Jackson Pollock, Larry Rivers, and Helen Frankenthaler, and her paintings are held by major institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art. Hartigan studied mechanical drafting and painting with Isaac Lane Muse, and her early career was characterized by total abstraction. Later, she incorporated recognizable motifs and characters into her work. In addition to painting, Hartigan influenced young artists as the director of the Maryland Institute College of Art's Hoffberger School of Painting.

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What was the title of Hartigan's painting selected by the Museum of Modern Art in 1953?
What did Hartigan study in college?
What was the name of Hartigan's first solo exhibition?
Who influenced Hartigan's painting?
What institution holds some of Hartigan's paintings?
Who were Hartigan's friends in the New York School?
What was Grace Hartigan's artistic movement?
Who was the patron that bought The Persian Jacket for the Museum of Modern Art?
What was the name of the school where Hartigan influenced young artists?
What was the name of the series of paintings Hartigan collaborated on with Frank O'Hara?

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