Guion Bluford Trivia Quiz: American Aerospace Engineer

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Guion Bluford Trivia Quiz: American Aerospace Engineer

Guion Bluford Quiz: How well do you know Guion Bluford?

Guion Bluford is a retired American astronaut and engineer. He was the first African American to travel to space, serving as a mission specialist aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1983. Bluford went on to complete three more space flights and logged a total of over 688 hours in space.

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Who was Guion Bluford's wife?
What was Guion Bluford's field of study for his Doctor of Philosophy degree?
What was Guion Bluford's role on the STS-8 mission?
Where did Guion Bluford receive his Bachelor of Science degree?
How many experiments were performed on the STS-61-A mission?
Which orbiter did Guion Bluford fly on during his first mission?
When did Guion Bluford become the first African American to go to space?
How many Space Shuttle flights did Guion Bluford participate in?
What was Guion Bluford's rank in the United States Air Force?
What were some of Guion Bluford's hobbies?

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