Guru Gobind Singh Trivia Quiz: The Tenth Sikh Guru

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Guru Gobind Singh Trivia Quiz: The Tenth Sikh Guru

Guru Gobind Singh was born in 1666 in Mughal Empire. He was a spiritual leader, fighter, poet, and philosopher who served as the tenth Sikh Guru. Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth and last human Sikh Guru, was formally appointed as the head of the Sikhs at the age of nine following the execution of his father, Guru Tegh Bahadur, by Aurangzeb. His four biological sons perished during his lifetime—two were killed in combat and two were put to death by Wazir Khan, the Mughal administrator. Let’s Play the quiz based on him.

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What year did Guru Gobind Singh establish Paonta Sahib?

  • In 1685

  • In 1686

  • In 1687

  • In 1688

Who was the third wife of Guru Gobind Singh?

  • Tripta

  • Sahib Kaur 

  • Jito

  • Sundari

What is the height of Guru Gobind Singh ?

  • 5 Feet , 11 Inches (Approx)

  • 4 Feet, 8 Inches (Approx)

  • 5 Feet, 6 Inches (Approx)

  • 6 Feet ,4 Inches (Approx)

How many children does Ivana Guru Gobind Singh?

  • Two

  • Three

  • One

  • Four

What is the cause of death of Guru Gobind Singh?

  • Assassination

  • Heart Failure

  • Accident

  • Stroke

What is the name of Guru Gobind Singh 's father?

  • Shakti Prasad

  • Guru Tegh Bahadur

  • Krishna Kumar Singh

  • Shyam Shankar 

Guru Gobind Singh received which of the following titles?

  • Guru Granth Sahib

  • Guru Sahib Of Sikhs

  • Gurus of sikhs

  • None of the above

What was the name of the warrior community founded by Guru Gobind Singh?

  • Sahajdaari

  • Kshatriya

  • Varnas

  • Khalsa

Guru Gobind Singh founded which city?

  • Delhi

  • Amritsar

  • Sodhara

  • Paonta Sahib

When did Guru Gobind Singh die?

  • October 5, 1708

  • October 6, 1708

  • October 7, 1708

  • October 8, 1708

What is the religion of Guru Gobind Singh ?

  • Sikhism

  • Christianity

  • Hinduism

  • Jewish

What was Guru Gobind Singh's name given to the Khalsa volunteers?

  • Panj Pyaare

  • Satt Pyaare

  • Aanth Pyaare

  • None of the above

Where did Guru Gobind Singh receive Gurgaddi?

  • Sodhara

  • Delhi

  • Paonta Sahib

  • Amritsar

Where was Guru Gobind Singh born?

  • Maharashtra

  • Delhi

  • Patna

  • Gwalior

When was Guru Gobind Singh born?

  • December 22, 1666

  • November 21, 1666

  • October 20, 1666

  • September 19, 1666


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