Harry Reasoner Trivia Quiz: An American journalist for CBS and ABC News

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Harry Reasoner was an American journalist known for his work with CBS and ABC News. Reasoner was one of the original hosts of the news magazine 60 Minutes and won three Emmy Awards and a George Foster Peabody Award in 1967. Reasoner was born in Dakota City, Iowa, and attended West High School in Minneapolis. He studied journalism at Stanford University and the University of Minnesota. Reasoner served in the Army during World War II and resumed his journalism career with The Minneapolis Times. Reasoner took part in covering the John F. Kennedy assassination.

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Where was Harry Reasoner born?

  • New York City

  • Dakota City, Iowa

  • Los Angeles

  • Minneapolis

Who replaced Harry Reasoner at the anchor desk during the coverage of John F. Kennedy's assassination?

  • Walter Cronkite

  • Charles Collingwood

  • Roger Mudd

  • Frank Stanton

In what war did Harry Reasoner serve in the Army?

  • World War I

  • World War II

  • Korean War

  • Vietnam War

What did Harry Reasoner study at the University of Minnesota?

  • English

  • History

  • Journalism

  • Political Science

How many Emmy Awards did Harry Reasoner win?

  • 1

  • 2

  • 3

  • 4

When did Harry Reasoner start working for CBS News in New York?

  • 1956

  • 1961

  • 1970

  • 1980

What news magazine was Harry Reasoner one of the original hosts of?

  • 20/20

  • Dateline

  • 60 Minutes

  • Nightline

When was Harry Reasoner born?

  • May 17, 1923

  • April 17, 1923

  • March 17, 1923

  • June 17, 1923

What high school did Harry Reasoner attend?

  • West High School

  • East High School

  • North High School

  • South High School

What major news event did Harry Reasoner take part in covering?

  • Hurricane Katrina

  • 9/11 terrorist attacks

  • John F. Kennedy assassination

  • Watergate scandal


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