Harvey Fergusson Trivia Quiz: An American writer

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Harvey Fergusson Quiz: How well do you know Harvey Fergusson?

Harvey Fergusson, a known personality (January 28, 1890 – August 27, 1971) and was an American writer known for his novels set in New Mexico and the American West. He started as a journalist before dedicating himself to writing full-time. Fergusson's most acclaimed novel is "Wolf Song" (1927), and he also wrote non-fiction works on politics and society. He died in Berkeley, California, at the age of 81.

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What was Harvey Fergusson's father's profession?
What is Fergusson's most acclaimed novel?
What was Fergusson's primary focus as a writer?
Which university did Harvey Fergusson attend?
Where was Harvey Fergusson born and raised?
What was Fergusson's second novel about?
In which city did Harvey Fergusson work as a staff reporter for the Washington, D.C. Herald?
Where did Harvey Fergusson die?
What is the name of Fergusson's trilogy?
What was the title of Fergusson's autobiographical book?

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