Which Heaven Official's Blessing Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Heaven Official's Blessing Character Are You? - Quiz

What Character Are You From Heaven Official Blessing?

Heaven Official's Blessing is the Chinese novels created by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu.Show More

The first donghua adaptation of the series released on Bilibili and Funimation on October 31, 2020 which got a positive opinion from CBR. This book was initially published in 2017 at Jinjiang Literature City, one of the most famous Chinese websites for publishing and serializing online fictional works. It contains 244 chapters plus five additional post-canon stories in eight chapters altogether.
What Heaven Official's Blessing Character Are You?
Would you like to find out which Heaven Official's Blessing character you are? Then take this quiz and let your inner celestial being loose!

You come across a group of wandering spirits causing mischief. What do you do?

You discover a hidden, ancient artifact with unknown powers. What's your immediate reaction?

The duel with a powerful enemy. How do you go about it?

A close friend is in trouble, and you have limited resources. How do you help them?

How do you deal with repercussions from your past wrong decisions?

A prophecy foretells that something big will happen with you involved. How do you get ready for this?

The heavens are in chaos, and you have the chance to restore order. What's your approach?

The discovery of a hidden secret of your best friend. What is your response?

What do you do about this unfair treatment you witness in the middle of a party for gods and goddesses?

You could have been granted an opportunity to obtain too much power only at some price. What is your position?

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