Henry Adams Trivia Quiz: An American Historian & Novelist

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Henry Adams Trivia Quiz: An American Historian & Novelist

Henry Brooks Adams was born on February 16, 1838 and died on March 27, 1918. Originally from the Adams political family, he was an American historian and descendant of two "U.S. Presidents". When he was a Harvard graduate, Charles Francis Adams served as Abraham Lincoln's ambassador to the United Kingdom. John Stuart Mill was a major influence on him during wartime diplomacy. After the Civil War, he hosted America's foremost intellectuals at his homes in Washington and Boston. Here are 10 trivia quiz questions based on Henry Brooks Adams’ life. Let’s play the quiz!

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In which college Henry Brooks Adams completed his higher education?

  • University Of Delhi

  • Harvard College University of Berlin

  • Both A and B

  • None of the above

Which of the following writings are written by Henry Brooks Adams?

  • Life of Albert Gallatin

  • The Writings of Albert Gallatin 

  • Democracy: An American Novel

  • All the above

In which year Henry Brooks Adams was elected to the American Antiquarian Society?

  • In 1880

  • In 1886

  • In 1884

  • In 1885

When was Henry Brooks Adams born?

  • February 16, 1838 

  • February 16, 1833

  • February 16, 1839

  • February 16, 1840

In which year,“Mont Saint Michel and Chartres” published?

  • 1904

  • 1905

  • 1906

  • 1907

Who was Henry Brooks Adams?

  • Doctor

  • Engineer

  • Singer

  • American historian

In which year Adams was appointed professor of medieval history at Harvard?

  • 1871

  • 1866

  • 1870

  • 1875

Where was Henry Brooks Adams born?

  • America 

  • U.K.

  • India

  • China

When Henry Brooks Adams died?

  • March 27, 1911

  • March 27, 1918

  • March 27, 1919

  • March 27, 1920

Which of the following writings was NOT written by Henry Adams?

  • Pussy, King of the Pirates

  • The Writings of Albert Gallatin 

  • Democracy: An American Novel

  • Both B and C


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