Henry Ford Quiz: American Industrialist

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Henry Ford Quiz: American Industrialist

Henry Ford was born in Springwells Township, US, on July 30, 1863. He was an American Industrialist, business magnet, chief developer of the innovative assembly line technique of mass production, and founder of Ford motor company. As the Ford motor company owner, he set off as the wealthiest and well-known person in the world. On April 11, 1888, Ford married Clara Jane Bryant. They had one child, Edsel Ford. Ford has a global vision, with consumerism as the key to calm. Ford left most of the vast affluence to the Ford Foundation and set out for his family to control it permanently. We’ve a quiz based on Henry Ford.

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What was Henry Ford famous for?
When was Henry Ford born?
What was Ford's son's name?
Where was Henry Ford born?
In what year did the first Model T car come out?
What was Ford hired to work as?
When was Henry Ford die?
In what year was the Ford Auto company first created?
Who did Henry Ford marry and in what year?
In what year did Ford create the assembly line?