High-Rise Invasion Quiz: Which High-Rise Invasion Character Are You?

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High-Rise Invasion Quiz: Which High-Rise Invasion Character Are You?

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The storyline of High-Rise Invasion is both thrilling and action-packed as it throws the protagonist, Yuri Honjou into a bizarre universe where masked killers lurk in every building. Abandoned by her ordinary world and thrown into this dangerous environment, Yuri has to fight for her life, navigating through a series of lethal encounters and confronting the shocking truth of her new surroundings. In her bid to find her brother and escape, Yuri is put to the ultimate test of bravery and endurance.
What High-Rise Invasion Character Are You?
If you are interested in discovering your character in High-Rise Invasion then do not hesitate to undertake this quiz. This brain-teaser will take you through a series of questions about your personality, what motivates you and how do you make decisions? With caution on how you answer these questions, your score will explain whether you possess unwavering determination like Yuri Honjou’s or have intellectual brilliance like Sniper Mask’s or have compassion like Rika; thereby revealing which character truly reflects who you are inside.

Let's Start this Quiz
What comes first in a survival situation?
How do you handle challenges and setbacks?
When there’s a lot at stake, what do you usually do?
How would someone handle moments of uncertainty?
What makes you tick under pressure?
How do you communicate best when working in a team?
How do you deal with relationship issues amidst disorder?
What’s your approach to teamwork?
In the face of danger, what role do you typically take in a group?
What guides one’s decision when faced by moral dilemma?
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